About Us

Xingzhi School Park is an educational and training institution specialized in tutoring Chinese students who are admitted to universities and colleges in Japan. With the purpose of enabling more Chinese students to successfully enter famous universities in Japan, the school has relied on sufficient teacher allocation, systematic teaching system and good teaching environment since 2008, So far, nearly 10000 Chinese students have been sent to the gate of dream university. With a team of full-time lecturers with rich teaching experience as the core, the school has more than 400 lecturers from famous Japanese universities such as the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Ichihashi University, Tokyo University of technology, Keio University, Waseda University and so on. The professional and mature teaching and research team provides real-time examination consultation and targeted counseling for the majority of foreign students, and also creates a customized entrance examination preparation scheme for each student. In addition to the application of SGU / English program, Xingzhi School Park offers counseling courses such as Japanese study abroad examination, in-school examination papers and interview for the promotion of the Department (undergraduate). It also provides training for the majority of foreign students in Japan on Japanese ability examination, English TOEFL and TOEIC examination. Xingzhi School Park also provides comprehensive professional courses for College (Master) students, including business, MBA, economics, accounting, sociology, news media, Japanese pedagogy, literature, law, information science, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, architecture, civil engineering and other popular majors. At the same time, the school park also provides one-to-one VIP guidance courses for minority majors. Foreign students who wish to study art can also receive professional guidance from Japanese lecturers in Xingzhi Academy. At the same time, the Shanghai (domestic headquarters) Office of Xingzhi School Park also provides visa processing, recommendation of language schools and pre-school counseling and training services for students who want to study in Japan. With the continuous improvement of the teaching strength and popularity of Xingzhi School Park, dozens of Japanese language schools invited Xingzhi School Park to send lecturers to the school to directly carry out the study abroad test in Japan and the guidance of TOEFL, TOEIC and other subjects, and regularly held enrollment explanation meetings to popularize the knowledge of preparation for entrance examination for new foreign students. Xingzhi School Park is committed to solving problems such as studying in Japan, enrollment planning, employment training and counseling. The excellent learning environment, outstanding teaching level and impressive qualified achievements have won a good reputation among the majority of foreign students and parents.