Based in Tokyo and looking around the world

Unlike any similar institution in China, Xingzhi School Park is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and its team in Japan has a good geographical advantage. As the content of English programs in famous universities in Japan changes greatly every year, Xingzhi's team in Japan can timely grasp the latest developments of universities and colleges and better assist in completing the application. In addition, in the past ten years, Xingzhi School Park has also understood the requirements of Chinese students in the deep cultivation of the domestic market. The Chinese and Japanese teams cooperate with each other to combine the needs of students with the enrollment characteristics of Japanese universities and maximize the advantages of applicants according to the Japanese way of thinking. In the early stage, we will evaluate 1-5 colleges and universities free of charge according to the strength of the applicant. In the later stage, the matching copywriting teachers are from the University of Tokyo, Oxford University, Cambridge University and other top universities in Japan and even the world. The English copywriting skills and academic level of each major are at the top level of relevant majors. In terms of service, the full-time teacher keeps smooth communication with the students themselves and the University throughout the whole process, and corresponds seamlessly throughout the whole process until the students get offer and promise a full refund if they fail! Ensure that each applicant can safely enter the ideal institution. Since the beginning of the SGU application service of Xingzhi School Park, it has relied on the exclusive evaluation system to evaluate the ability level of the applicant students, formulated the college application scheme, and the admission success rate has been maintained at 93% all year round.